We are not just a consulting group. We are experts who design and implement solutions to organizational challenges. We specialize in designing and implementing fit-for-purpose content and technology solutions which ensure quick and agile transformational approaches.

We provide unique systems, tools, and customized practices for organizations in:

  • Information management, work technology, and digital solutions
  • Organization design, management and Human Resources
  • Process design, review, and reengineering
We have experience in private-sector corporations, as well as in international development organizations.

We have been involved in supporting the building and establishment of organizations, especially in transforming existing corporations. We affirm that people and organizations find their identities in relationships.

They survive, grow, and discover the reasons for their being through these relationships. For example, a corporation exists purely because a group of people organize themselves in structured and formal internal relationships so that they can achieve specific goals. This organization forms and maintains its new identity. It is then able to establish, live, and survive by relating to other entities (clients, customers, governments, etc.) external to itself.

Often, companies seek the best available solutions in the market (especially in ICT and Human Resources) in addressing their automation and systems challenges. In many cases however, the big-bang approach to implementation usually ends up in complications and expensive failures. Our advice and approach is usually different. First, we derive appropriate process and workflows for the different areas of focus.

Then we design suiting and unique solutions for you. Should there be agreement, we lead the establishment of your new structures, processes and systems. We install module by module. Underpinning the application of each module of course is integration between all modules. We believe that a module-by-module agile approach will always produce more tangible and effective results, and in less time. The right IT solution, not the best IT solution, is the key to organizational transformation.

Work and all activity, are achieved and demonstrated through relationships. Therefore, all goals (including sustainability and profitability) ensue through relationships. At the bottom of it all, Organizations are about people, processes, and technology. This belief underpins the mission and scope of Apex Organizational Solutions (AOS).

We are specialists in Organization and People Management, as well as in Organization and Work Technology.