Apex Consulting is lean and focused. The core is managed by two founding Consultants. They are always the contacts and entry points for all clients. The core Apex Consulting team provides the intellectual, professional, and management leadership for all projects.

In addition, we have a network of Associates. These associates are either individual professional consultants or specialized organizations. We are therefore capable of putting together flexible, competent, and effective teams for projects. Our pricing can be structured to fit client context and priorities. Especially at implementation, we are capable of putting together specialist local teams in IT, HR, and other disciplines. This flexibility naturally results in affordable but effective costs.

Often, companies seek the best available ICT or HR solutions in the market in addressing their automation goals. In many cases however, the big-bang approach to implementation usually ends up in complications and expensive failures. The right solution, not the best solution, is usually the key to organizational transformation. This dictum applies to people, processes and of course to technology.

We emphasize that work and all activity, are achieved and demonstrated through relationships. Therefore, all goals (including sustainability and profitability) ensue through relationships.

We are specialists in Organization and People Management, as well as in Organization and Work Technology. We provide unique systems, tools, and customized practices for organizations.